Sunday, December 04, 2005

Google Testing Click-to-Call

Google (Quote, Chart) searchers can turn to the phone as well as the Web to connect with advertisers.

Google is testing a new feature for its AdWords keyword ads that appear alongside natural search results: click-to-call.

Greg Yardley, author of the blog, first reported seeing small green telephone handset icons next to some ads on Google.

A Google spokesman confirmed that the company was testing the service, but declined to give any details.

But Google has published a FAQ. According to it, when searchers click on the phone icon, they get a prompt to enter their phone numbers, then click a "Connect For Free" button. Google calls the number provided, then, when the searcher picks up, connects the searcher with the advertiser.

Google said it pays for the call. Not disclosed was how much it charges the advertiser for these
ads, nor which vendors provides the click-to-call functionality.

Google said the advertiser can't see the searcher's phone number, and it promised to delete the number from its servers after a short period of time. However, the phone number is stored in an encrypted cookie placed on the searcher's computer, so that next time, he or she won't need to re-enter the phone number. The company suggested that users who don’t want their phone numbers stored should refuse the cookie.

Research firm Classified Intelligence said in a research note sent on Tuesday that the methodology described in the patent application for Google Automat includes a way of setting and collecting payment from advertisers using the cost-per-conversion model, in which payment is collected only when an advertiser connects with a customer in a pre-defined way.

Google might collect based on a fixed commission or on a percentage of the selling price, according to the report's author, Jim Townsend.

Townsend said Google Base and the rumored Google Purchase could be combined with Automat to facilitate selling and collecting money for advertising including the Click-to-Call ads.
Interest is rising in the click-to-call model. In August, Microsoft bought Teleo, a provider of VoIP technology that could be integrated with Microsoft's Outlook and Internet Explorer, so that users could place a call from inside e-mail or a Web page.

Also in August, Avaya (Quote, Chart) unveiled the latest release of Avaya Voice Portal with click-to-call and click-to-conference functionality. IBM (Quote, Chart) uses Avaya's Meeting Exchange to let Lotus Sametime, Notes and Domino users place a VoIP call directly from their instant messaging or e-mail

Google Print 2 Google Book Search

Google has renamed its Google Print service to Google Book Search, according to Jen Grant, a Product Marketing Manager in a post on the company's official blog. The Google Print URL ( now redirects to

The change in this is because many users had misconceptions that Google Print would help them print out documents and web pages, which it of course does not. Another possible reason is the name conflicts with Google's desire to start running ads in printed publications such as magazines and newspapers.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Google AdWords partner list

Google AdWords partner list

Google's advertising program AdWords is a quick way to purchase targeted cost-per-click (CPC) advertising. AdWords ads are displayed along with search results on and on a growing network of partner sites as well.

Unfortunately, Google does not disclosure a list of all partner sites on which the Google AdWords ads appear. For this reason, we've compiled a list of all known Google AdWords search partners ourselves and share it with you.

Here's list of known Google's AdWords search partners: (includes

These are more than 30 important sites. In addition, the following sites have announced to provide Google search results in the near future:

Google also offers content-targeted advertising(tm), an automated system that matches advertising to the information on content and community pages.

As with AdWords, Google hasn't published a complete list of content partners so here's our list of known Google's content-targeted ad partners:

individual sites like,,, wunderground Fastclick advertising network partner sites (, for example,,, and
Knight Ridder Digital network partners, for example,,, list
OSDN network sites, for example,,,,,,

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Happy Birthday

Google celebrates it 7th birthday. Its mission sonce its inception" to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful" attracts me the most that is why i am one of the admirers of Google . To know about its milestones visit here

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Google Vs Microsoft

Microsoft is about to start it own Search ads intended to be beat it competetiors Google and Yahoo in the growing search advertising business. Recently microsoft and Timewarner were in discussion about shifting AOL search technology from Google to MSN.

Growing Popularity of Google

Undoubtedly Google is becoming more and more popular and recent example for that is the " Google Code Jam" . 7500 software coders participated in the contest last year and this figure almost doubled this year with 14500 software coders partcipating to win the $10,000 prize. The total prize money for the event is $150,000.want to participate in the event next year visit CodeJam

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Google Launches Blog search

Google has launched its Blogsearch beta recently

After using this new engine i felt that the results were not that relevant but hope that this will be rectified and will show more relevant resultsto use it go to

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Google opens Gmail to Public

Google's GMail service has been opened up to the public after being invitation-only since its inception. The only catch is that you must have a cell phone. The mobile phone requirement was designed to prevent Gmail accounts from being created by robots and stop spammers from signing up multiple times. Google will send an invitation code via SMS, which can then be used to register with Gmail. Only one account may be created per phone number.


Friday, August 26, 2005

Googe IM

As expected google released its latest product "Google Talk" you need to have a gmail ID to connect and you can chat and talk using this messenger the file size is 199KB and is as usual very simple as other google products when display is taken into account find it at

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google IM Coming soon??

In one of the technology forum i read that google is planning to launch a Instant Messaging(IM) serivce to compete with MSN,Yahoo and AOL.It is also said that the server is based on opensource, lets wait and see when does google launch it.

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Blog Traffic Rises

Two new studies report rapid traffic growth in the Blogosphere. Estimates say that about 30% of US Internet users visited blogs in the first quarter. Nielsen//NetRatings says the top 50 blog sites, including blog hosts, draw about 20% of active Internet users. is the highest used blogsite. The fastest-growing blog site, according to Nielsen/NetRatings,was MSN Spaces, which was only unveiled in December 2004. Full Story

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Yahoo in $1bn Chinese online deal

Web search giant Yahoo has paid $1bn (£556m) for a stake in China's biggest e-commerce firm,

The US company will now hold a 40% stake - and 35% of the votes - in the Chinese firm, which runs the country's biggest auction and trading sites.
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Google pauses online books plan

Google suspends the scanning of copyrighted books due to criticisms of its plans to put university libraries online.
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Friday, August 12, 2005

NASA launches Mars orbiter

NASA launched the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Friday morning to begin a mission to Mars to gather more data on the Red Planet than all combined previous missions.

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Review: 'Four Brothers' delivers the goods

(CNN) -- "Four Brothers" is a dark and brooding drama about revenge and retribution. Set on the dirty streets of Detroit, Michigan, and directed by John Singleton ("Boyz N the Hood"), this film plays out like an urban version of an old-fashioned Western.

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Bored on the phone? Beware the Jerk-O-Meter

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts (AP) -- Ever wonder if that spouse, friend or co-worker on the other end of the phone is really paying attention? The "Jerk-O-Meter" may hold the answer.

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U.N. agency urges Iran to halt nuke activities

VIENNA, Austria (CNN) -- The International Atomic Energy Agency board of governors passed a resolution Thursday asking Iran to again suspend its nuclear activities, including uranium conversion at its Isfahan plant.

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Spaceship launched on Mars 'recon' mission

A spacecraft blasted off today on a seven-month journey to Mars where it will gather more data on the red planet than all combined previous missions. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on an Atlas V rocket. "Surveying for the deepest insights into the mysterious evolution of Mars!" NASA commentator George Diller said after liftoff. The probe is expected to orbit Mars for four years.
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Triple Asteroid System Found

August 10, 2005—It sounds like a junkyard rust-bucket, and it's parked about 325 million miles (523 million kilometers) from Earth. But astronomers say 87 Sylvia is part of something special: the first triple asteroid system ever observed.Scientists know of some 60 asteroid pairs locked in twin orbits. However, today's announcement by astronomers in the United States and France marks the first time researchers have observed two smaller asteroids, or moonlets, in orbit around a third, larger asteroid.First spotted in 1866, 87 Sylvia spins in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Scientists believe the potato-shaped, "rubble-pile" asteroid formed after two older asteroids collided. Sylvia's gravity likely lassoed other impact debris, pulling its two mini-moons into orbit.Astronomers have dubbed the two moonlets Romulus and Remus.

Expanding Blogsphere

A new blog being created every second, the blogosphere has doubled in size in just the last five months, according to a new report from Technorati.

Google Earth

Want to know more about a specific location? Dive right in -- Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips

Fly from space to your neighborhood. Type in an address and zoom right in.
Search for schools, parks, restaurants, and hotels. Get driving directions.
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