Thursday, May 08, 2008

India Yahoo Glue page

Wow… Its good to hear that yahoo launched “Yahoo Glue Page”… There so many new things in Yahoo Glue page

In my short observation/study… they have improved there search results a lot… compare to Google I feel Yahoo Glue is good in user point of view… when I searched with “Kajol” I can see more results like Related Pages, Actor-Quick Facts, Images, Sponsored Links, India News, You tube, LastFM Top Tracks and all these are specific to “Kajol” or user query… they have not only improved there search results but speed, layout, page side and etc… I think after Microsoft and Google offer Yahoo started work on different permutations to attract users… In my point of view if yahoo makes this as Home page… then the are the leaders in

Search engines. However I am not happy with this query it’s another additional feature of India Yahoo Glue Page all results are child free…