Monday, July 04, 2011

How Facebook Traffic Fits in a Multi-Channel Landscape

While the growth of its US user base may or may not be slowing a bit as it approaches complete saturation, Facebook’s potential to impact ecommerce still has plenty of headroom. Advertising on Facebook is nascent next to paid search and traditional display and online retailers are still learning how to best engage and expand their fanbases. Looking at data across RKG’s Attribution and Facebook clients we can assess how Facebook users are currently fitting into the larger multi-channel picture and offer some insights into who they are.

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New Yahoo Clues Offers Regional and Demographic Data

Clues, the Yahoo product that provides information on search trends on Yahoo searches, has just gotten a big upgrade. Their new version includes an upgraded interface, regional search data, and trends for separate demographics.

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Create Mobile Landing Pages With No Programming Knowledge

Research Says 51% of consumers are more likely to purchase from retailers that have mobile-specific sites, yet, according to Google, 79% of large online advertisers don’t have a mobile optimized site. Furthermore, according to Google, t 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site that they had trouble accessing from their phone, and 40% go to a competitor’s.

Today Google released a tool allowing even the least programming-inclined people to build professional mobile web pages. Now, there’s no reason that anyone should ever be without a mobile landing page. It’s also free, which means budget isn’t an issue.

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Announcing the June 2011 Microsoft Advertising adCenter Upgrade - adCenter Blog - Microsoft Advertising Community

The latest Microsoft Advertising adCenter Upgrade includes several improvements that have consistently been requested in the feedback we've received. This upgrade provides easier ways to manage your search and content advertising strategies with adCenter. The changes include improved targeting and enhanced insights.

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Quality Score and a Simplified Daily Budget Option in the Latest adCenter Desktop Beta Release - adCenter Blog - Microsoft Advertising Community

In addition to the improvements that were released in April, new updates have just rolled out in the latest adCenter Desktop Beta release. With this upgrade to version 7.8, the following additional functionality will be available:

• Quality Score. You can now view Quality Score data from adCenter Desktop Beta. You can also create advanced filters andsorts, and bulk update your keywords to optimize your campaigns based on the Quality Score data.

• Simplified Daily Budget option. Microsoft Advertising adCenter automatically calculates a monthly budget for you when...

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From Inside Google - Today, innovations in targeting, optimization, and measurement can help you achieve greater performance with your Display Network campaigns. We’re investing heavily in these areas, and we’re pleased to announce several tools that give you better measurement, transparency and value for your display advertising campaigns.

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Google +1 around the world

A few months ago Google released the +1 button on English search ads and organic search results on More recently, Google have made the +1 button available to sites across the web, making it easier for people who love your site to help their friends and other users find your content in Google search.

Today, +1s will start appearing on ads and organic search results for Google pages globally. We'll be starting with sites like,, and, and then expanding quickly to most other Google search sites soon after.

We’ve also partnered with a few more sites in Europe, Japan, India, Australia and New Zealand where you’ll start seeing +1 buttons in the coming days.

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Video Ads on Ad Innovations - Inside AdWords

Google offers the world's largest online video audience, based on users of search, our partnerships with top video publishers across the Google Display Network, and the reach of YouTube, the world's largest video property. On YouTube alone, users generate 3 billion video views daily and upload 48 new hours of video per minute. The online video market is huge for users, and we believe this means it also holds a lot of potential for online advertisers.

For those of you who are already passionate about this large and growing market, we’ve just launched a Video page on Ad Innovations -- your destination for exploring our latest advertising developments.

On this page, you can learn about new video innovations that can help you prepare your campaigns and promote your business.

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