Sunday, August 28, 2011

Google Adwords Editor Version 9.5

Google Adwords Editor - New Features

Campaign experiment settings:
Version 9.5 includes support for campaign experiments. You can perform the following tasks in

Google Adwords Editor:

  • Apply and edit an experiment status (e.g. “control only”, “experiment only”, “control and experiment”) at the ad group, ad, or keyword level.
  • Apply and edit a Default Max. CPC, Display Network Max. CPC, or Max. CPM bid multiplier at the ad group level.
  • Apply and edit a Max. CPC bid multiplier at the keyword level.
  • Download and upload experiment status and bid multipliers in both CSV and XML import/export.
Adwords Editor Location extensions support:

Google Adwords Editor now provides support for new and existing location extensions. In Version 9.5, the address doesn’t have to already exist in the account to create the extension.
  • Create new manual location extensions for any address.
  • Modify address of existing business locations.
  • Download and upload location extensions in both CSV and XML import/export.
Adwords Editor Background download:

One or more accounts can now be downloaded in the background while you’re working on another open account. This allows users to save time and continue working while downloading a large account. You also have the option to select and queue up several accounts for download so that you don’t have to start the download process separately for each account.

Adwords Editor - Minor Updates

Adwords Editor - Additional campaign settings:

The following three new campaign-level settings are supported and can be edited, sorted, and imported/exported via XML:
  • Enhanced CPC (enabled/disabled) -- Applicable to Manual CPC and Budget Optimizer campaigns.
  • Delivery method (standard/accelerated) -- Standard delivery is applicable to all campaigns. Accelerated delivery is applicable to all campaigns except Budget Optimizer and Percent CPA campaigns.
  • Ad Rotation (optimize for clicks/optimize for conversions/rotate) -- Applicable to all campaigns.
Adwords Editor - Destination URL links:

You can test your destination URLs when you click the icon located next to the destination URL edit box on all tabs. The destination URL will open in your default browser.

Adwords Editor - IP addresses and non-ASCII characters in URLs:

Display URLs, destination URLs, and placements now allow:
  • Non-ASCII domain names (e.g. mü, россия.рф)
  • IPv4 addresses in place of domain names (e.g.
  • IPv6 addresses in place of domain names (e.g. [2001:db8:85a3:0:0:8a2e:370:7334] )
Display URLs and placements will also allow non-ASCII characters in the URL path after the domain name (e.g. müäse,спорт). This is not supported in destination URLs.

Adwords Editor - Unlimited number of search conditions:

Advanced Search now allows you to add an unlimited number of search criteria in the Settings or Performance statistics fields.

Adwords Editor Version 9.5 - Additional image ad dimensions:

Image ads with the following dimensions are now supported:
  • 320x50 (now valid for mobile image ads as well)
  • 300x50
  • 425x600
  • 300x600
Adwords Editor - Revert warnings:

When you revert more than one item, or a new campaign or ad group that contains information, Google AdWords Editor will alert you with a summary of changes to be made and allow you to cancel the revert. A "Don't show this message again" checkbox will allow you to proceed in the future without any prompt.

In addition, in the Tools | Settings dialog, a Revert section allows you to enable or disable the Ctrl-Z shortcut for Revert. You can also enable or disable the revert warning in this dialog.

Adwords Editor - Streamline Add/Update Multiple:

Version 9.5 offers a Preview or Process button in the Add/Update Multiple tool. Preview allows you to preview your data and edit your column assignments. Process will skip the previewing step and will take you to the last step of the Add/Update Multiple tool and display a summary of changes.

On the last step of Add/Update Multiple, a checkbox labeled “Automatically accept all imported changes” is now available. If the box is unchecked, you will be able to review your changes when you click Finish and review changes. If the box is checked, you’ll automatically accept all changes when you click Finish. The checkbox will remember your choice from the last time you used the Add/Update Multiple tool.

Adwords Editor - Item status and disapprovals:

Google AdWords Editor now displays item status in the Status column and allows you to manually pause or enable an item by editing the status icon. In addition, you can now see specific ad disapproval reasons by mousing over the disapproved status.

Adwords Editor - Updated first page bid estimates:

Google AdWords Editor v9.5 supports the updated first page bid estimates, which take into account additional factors when determining your bid estimate.

Adwords Editor - Service announcements:

A yellow alert box will display important service announcements impacting your Editor usage.


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